Radicalism and American Liberty

I am planning on some quieter time for the rest of July as I take some vacation. I’m looking forward to some time with a lot less zoom and a lot more outdoors. I have always felt that being in nature lifts up my spirit and reminds me of joy and gratitude.

As I leave, I wanted to share with you a YouTube video about “Radicalism and American Liberty.”

Please click here to watch the new drash.

For all of these talks, I’ve been trying to lean into where my heart is in this moment, where I am yearning, hoping, or even experiencing pain, and then sharing with you my own thoughts and reactions.

I wish you a lovely Shabbat and look forward to seeing you upon my return at the end of the month. May health, understanding, and a new spirit of seeing God’s image in every human being permeate the world.

Rabbi David Booth

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