Morah Derekh

We are blessed at Kol Emeth to have a wonderful Jewish educator in Sarah Miller. In just a little more than a year, we have seen her great creativity, her wonderful teaching ability, and great programmatic strength. In partnership, we are envisioning new approaches to Jewish learning that can impact children and seniors, tots, and young adults.

Sarah’s role goes beyond being a teacher or administrator. She is a spiritual leader for our young families, a teacher of Torah for children and adults, and a key part of our clergy team with me and Rabbi Graff. She is a partner in KE policy decisions alongside our executive director, Elaine Sigal and the Rabbis.

Sarah thinks programmatically as well as spiritually. For example, we will be releasing butterflies at the end of first day Rosh Hashanah services to complete our theme this High Holidays of transformation. Sarah has helped us pick a theme that is both wonderfully attractive and engaging and that has a deep spiritual message. She will lead our youth programs this High Holidays and she will offer comments and thoughts to the main Sanctuary on Rosh Hashanah.

Together, Sarah and I are transforming our religious school into Jewish and Hebrew enrichment that will be engaging, deeply educational, and foundational for our children’s Jewish identity. That model will also become the basis for a new hands-on program for seniors once we move into our new building.

Sarah deserves to be recognized for this role she is playing in the Kol Emeth community. In consultation with the Board, I have invited Sarah to be part of our clergy team as a Morah Derekh, a Guide on the Way, an offer she has excepted with great appreciation, love, and joy, effective immediately.

We have chosen a term for a very special kind of guide, one with the responsibility to lead us towards a more Torah-enriched community. This title honors her compassionate work with families at difficult moments and her spiritual leadership at Junior Congregation, First Fridays, and beyond. We want to name and acknowledge the nature and quality of her work.

She and I are also creating a program of study for her to grow in her knowledge of theology, her strength in Jewish text, and her liturgical knowledge. We believe this curriculum can become an example for other Synagogues, continuing Kol Emeth’s commitment to be a leader in the Synagogue world.

Sarah remains committed to her responsibilities of making sure we have excellent programs for tots, children, and teens. She is stepping forward to some additional responsibilities and learning so that she can grow and become an even more effective educator and spiritual leader.

Rabbi Graff and I are honored to welcome her to our clergy team. I hope you can find some time to get to know her if you haven’t already, and to congratulate her on her new role. We are planning a celebration for Nov 23rd when we will formally install her as our first Morah Derekh.

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi David Booth

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