Rosh Hashanah suggests we have the power to transform ourselves and our lives. Just as God created the world, we have the power to create the self. This year at Kol Emeth, we are playing with a few ways to experience transformation.

Bring Your Shofar

The Shofar calls our attention. It awakens us and challenges us. It is both battle cry and the sound of a broken heart. Its noise focuses us and reminds us of hope. I invite you to bring your shofar to services this year. As we sound the shofar, we will fill the whole Sanctuary with shoforot to immerse ourselves in its great power. During the Shofar service and Musaf I am hoping people will add their own shoforot to the sounds from the front to create a something very special.

Butterflies at 1pm!!

At the end of services on first day Rosh Hashanah, we plan to release hundreds of butterflies. Butterflies emerge in beauty from the earthiness of the caterpillar. We too have hopes for change and growth that can take wing this year. Join us at 1pm as we release the butterflies and inspire our hope. We will also be releasing some butterflies with the children’s services at 12:15pm in the courtyard to which all are welcome.

Alternative Services

Rabbi Graff and Rabbi Eilberg will again lead Rosh Hashanah in the Round in the Beit Kehillah at the Beth Am campus on first day Rosh Hashanah. This engaging alternative service is heart- filled and rich with meaning. Come with curiosity and openness!

And then at Kol Nidre, join me, Rick Dinitz, and Louis Newman for an alternative Kol Nidre again in the Beit Kehillah at Beth Am. Our service will include meditation, learning, and liturgy. It will help begin a process of growth and change that invites us to experience Yom Kippur in a new way.

Children’s Services

Finally, this year we are once again offering a Play and Pray space for our youngest families. This play space for babies and toddlers is a great place to be with a baby! We hope everyone will check it out and help make our youngest families feel the welcome at Kol Emeth.

I wish you all a L’Shana Tova, a year of goodness and health, a year in which the world can become more whole as we also rediscover our hidden wholeness.

Rabbi David Booth

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