A Prayer for the Seder Table

O God and God of our Ancestors:

As we sit together at the Seder, let us look around and appreciate the faces and people who are sharing this meal with us tonight. Help us take stock of other family and friends who are blessings in our lives. May those relationships, the love that we offer and receive from others, help open and broaden us. This is a night of redemption; may the redeeming power of love be part of our Seder.

We see oppression and fear everywhere in the world. May You strengthen those who seek peace, may You offer comfort to those who are afraid. We pledge to add our own voices and resources to fighting hunger, human trafficking, and so many of the other ways one person oppresses and even enslaves another. Strength the work of our hands.

We see challenges to the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Help us find a path to peace, and help us bring an end to anti-Semitism that seems newly resurgent. Strengthen us to respond wisely and appropriately to keep our families, our community, and our beloved Israel safe, strong, and thriving.

At this time of hope and redemption, help us also reconnect with meaning our own lives. We sing of Elijah the Prophet, the bringer of hope. As we imagine his entrance, we pledge to imagine our own inner qualities of hope. We will see them as flowing rivers that connect with Your own power to redeem. Help tonight to fill us with that light of hope.

In all of these ways, help us be Your partners in fulfilling Abraham’s mission, the mission of the Jewish people, to be a blessing to the world. So may it be Your will!


Happy Passover!
Rabbi David Booth

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