A Community of Caring

Kol Emeth strives to be a community of caring. When people are experiencing illness, grief, or other life events like a new baby, the Kol Emeth community wants to be there for you. I’d like to tell you some of the things that we do, and encourage you to reach out when you are in need.

Meal Train

The Kol Emeth Hesed committee uses Mealtrain, a website that allows us to organize and offer meals to those in need. If you’ve had a surgery, or a new baby, or some other challenge that would make receiving meals a good thing, just let the Kol Emeth office know. Someone from Chesed will reach out and set up the Mealtrain. Then we will invite people from your neighborhood and other friends of yours to bring meals. We also have food we keep on hand at Kol Emeth in the “Chesed freezer” for this purpose so that we can meet an immediate need before we can set up the mealtrain.


Both Rabbi Graff, Rabbi Schwartz and I want to visit people. Or put another way, when it becomes hard for you to come to us we want to come to you. We make hospital and home visits as needed. Related, we have a friendly visitors program where we match elderly or home bound people with visitors. If you know someone who would appreciate a friendly visitor, please email me or Rabbi Graff.


The Hesed committee does a wonderful job preparing a home for Shiva. When someone passes away, the Rabbis inform the Hesed committee who then reaches out to the family. They offer help in setting the home up for the meal immediately following the funeral, and to have someone on hand to help with setup and clean up each night of Shiva. We can also help provide some of the food for that first meal of condolence.

Mi Sheberakh List

Kol Emeth maintains a list of people on whose behalf we pray for healing every Shabbat. If you have a name you’d like included in our list, just send an email to the Kol Emeth office.


Finally, Kol Emeth is starting something new. For years we have sent out condolences cards but we are now adding in get-well cards. Whenever we know someone has been sick or in the hospital, we will send out cards with hopes for healing and recovery. Our intent is to let people know we as a community are with you in a difficult moment.

I want to know and help if something is going on in your life. But I have no way of knowing unless you reach out and tell me. The hospitals and rehab centers no longer communicate with Synagogues due to HIPAA (Privacy) rules. So if you or someone you know is wrestling with illness, please let me, Rabbi Graff, or the Kol Emeth office know. We all want to be part of your circle of caring.

If you are interested in helping with our Chesed efforts, you can reach out to me, Rabbi Graff or our wonderful volunteer organizers: Chesed co-chairs – Carol Tannenwald and Davina Brown (lucata@aol.com, browntow@pacbell.net)
Mealtrain captain – Barchi Gillai (bgillai@gmail.com)
Shiva support captain – Helen Rutt (hdrutt@usa.net)
Friendly Visitors – Judy Lurie (lurie2@sbcglobal.net)

Shabbat Shalom,

Rabbi David Booth

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