The Roast Shop

The Roast Shop
565 Bryant St in Palo Alto

There is a new Kosher restaurant in downtown Palo Alto: the Roast Shop. I’ve been there four times now and want to share my impressions of this tasty new option. After the Kitchen Table sadly closed last year, we were left only with Izzy’s Bagels for kosher options. While I truly love Izzy’s, every now and then I like a place I can potentially go for dinner and where I can order meat.

The Roast Shop is a casual deli right in downtown. They serve deli favorites like pastrami, corned beef, or fried chicken. They cure their own pastrami which I like quite a lot. It is very flavorful and not too salty. I’ve had the pastrami, the corned beef, and tried a bite of the fried chicken. All were good.

We are in California, so some of the sauces have a nice kick to them. The standard Pastrami sandwich is surprisingly horseradish hot. I loved it, but it was a bit much for my daughter. If you do not like spicy hot, be sure to request less of the spicy. The pickles were good, but not great.

I also like the California / Atkins touch. They had a parallel Salad and Sandwich menu, meaning you can get a Pastrami sandwich or a Pastrami salad. So for those avoiding bread, it’s an easy place to find an alternative.

They have some higher end items as well, including lamb and rib eye. I haven’t tried them – I keep wanting to try the Pastrami—but they look promising on the menu if you want something a bit more substantial.

There are a number of salad sides including baked beans and coleslaw. The baked beans and bits I thought was a lot of fun. The coleslaw and other sides are good but unsurprising.

Prices are extremely reasonable. $11 for a sandwich or salad, $2.50 for sides. It’s easy to have a terrific lunch for less than $15. The one downside is a lack of vegetarian options. They have one roasted vegetables sandwich. I brought my son the vegetarian and he waited to have dinner until we got back home.

The Roast Shop is a much needed and extremely tasty addition to downtown. I urge you to check it out and help keep Palo Alto Kosher!!

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